I’ve never considered Consulting before. What makes you think I can do this?

Globally, Consulting is growing; there are more niches for Consultants than ever before. Our strict selection criteria is designed to admit only the people who are experts in their field and who have skills that can be leveraged into a successful Consultancy. Of course, action is everything! PBCA will provide the roadmap for participants to create their own unique consulting business in accordance with their own personal efforts. Participants will be learning from the best in their field and as such it’s reasonable to expect that positive outcomes can be achieved with the right application of effort and a good business plan.


Is it possible to make a full-time living as a Consultant?

Most definitely. Successful Business Consultants enjoy handsome financial rewards in most cases. This is an elite program and as such, you’ll be in a strong position to charge accordingly. In any business, your capacity to earn will be largely dictated by your own commitment, actions and behaviours; we will support you to make the most of the opportunities you have to create your own success. Please talk to one of our Course Advisors for a confidential discussion regarding your expectations and needs.


How long after starting up my Consultancy can I start earning money?

We set it up so that you can begin trading after the initial 10- day training block. We would expect most participants to have their first paying clients very soon after completion of this block, providing that you are following the roadmap and taking action consistently.


Can I participate in the PBCA course while I am working full time?

Yes. PBCA have no restrictions for participants engaging in the program while currently employed either in their own business or elsewhere. However, it is a requirement to engage in 40 full days of live training as offered, and complete all set tasks in order to achieve the course outcomes.


Are there any hidden costs in the PBCA program?

No. The program fee covers the course in its’ entirety. Please see the Information Pack for further details.


How much start-up capital will I need to get my business off the ground?

Any new business needs start-up capital. This can vary widely depending on your niche, your business plan and your specific circumstances. Please contact our Course Advisors for a confidential discussion surrounding the kind of start-up capital that may be required for your specific circumstances.