From Our Directors: Why We Started Our Consulting Businesses Pt 1

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Owen Watson’s story:

“I was 20 years old when I started working for a large bedding franchise. I had never done this work before and it was a very steep learning curve. Early in my employment there, I met a man who ran a very successful furniture agency in Melbourne. He would visit the store, make sure he spoke to everyone he could, answer questions about his products and often bring in morning tea or afternoon tea for the staff. He was well liked by all and as a result we all tried very hard to sell his products.

One day, he came in just as the boss was tearing me a new one for some small thing I had done wrong. After the tirade had finished he pulled me aside and gave me some wise and comforting advice. And so began two decades of friendship and business mentoring by this Master in business before he passed away.

I am regularly asked, why did I start a Business Consulting practice? Well, here it is. The impact of having a professional mentor who was able to impart his expertise, experience and walk the business path with me has been profound. Not only me but, my wife, children, extended family and my grandchildren will benefit from the advice I had from this great man before he passed.

Business has been very good to me and I have learned a lot. I don’t have the right to keep this to myself.”