From our Directors: Why we started our Consulting Businesses, Pt 2

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Catherine Bell’s story:

“I started out life in hospitality – you name the job, I did it, from working full time in the deep freezer in a hotel basement, through to photocopying and filing in Accounts departments to running whole hotels – and everything in between. I loved the excitement of it, all the parts of the hotel machine working seamlessly together (on a good day!) to keep the wheels turning and give the customer an exceptional experience.

In my mid-twenties a short working holiday in Japan turned out to be a career turning point, where I fell in love with teaching others in the workplace how to do a great job in my role as a Corporate Trainer. When I returned home to Australia four years later, I knew I wanted to keep on with my new obsession – producing top-notch workplace training experiences for staff in great businesses, helping them make their working days – and their lives – better.

I was lucky enough to find great roles in the next few years working in OD / HR with some of the best hotel companies in the world, always in a role where I was training, supporting and helping the staff  deliver outstanding service. When I saw the results others were able to achieve with the right training and support, and what this meant in turn for their lives, their careers and their happiness, I knew I had to keep going. I had found my calling.

Eventually, I outgrew the confines of a traditional corporate workspace as I grew my capabilities and repertoire of personal and professional development activities that I could help the staff with. As scary as it was, the natural next step was to strike out on my own and create even more ways to help others at work!┬áSeven years ago I stepped into the unknown in my own Consulting business and I have been delighted and blessed to do the work I love every day, on MY terms, ever since.”