Our Master Business Consultant Program helps Consultants of all levels, create better business outcomes. Whether you’re a new Consultant starting out, you want to build on early business success or you are looking for long-term strategies for growth in your established business, the PBCA program is for you. Enrol in the complete program, or any of the four blocks of intensive workshops to suit your needs.




A fast-paced 10-day business start-up Masterclass – work with us in real time to get your Consulting practice established, fast. Get expert guidance on the legal and financial aspects of a successful start-up to make sure your foundations are solid. Get your website up and running and launch your Consulting practice with polished personal branding in place, including headshots, business cards and more. Avoid common business startup pitfalls and costly mistakes with our proven roadmap.

Suitable for professionals wishing to start their own Consulting practice and established Consultants who want to strengthen their business using a systemized approach with a team of experts in a supportive environment. 12 months’ ongoing website and digital marketing support included.



Build your Client Pipeline with advanced strategies for attracting and retaining high-quality clients. Refine your face-to-face negotiation and influencing skills and dramatically increase your business influence and reach when networking, prospecting and pitching for business. Discover the secrets to attracting and retaining top-quality clients – using our system, you will never have to hard sell again!

Suitable for Consultants continuing from Block 1, or for established Consultants who need more sustainable and effective ways to reach and engage with more clients. Includes 12 months of phone and email Action Plan support from our experienced Trainers.



Learn how to dramatically increase your worth as a Consultant in a competitive environment. Move beyond one-to-one consulting and create opportunities to reach multiple clients in a variety of settings. Become a compelling and confident Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and subject-matter expert in your field. Learn cutting-edge ways to measure your impact and gain the highly respected Six Sigma Black Belt qualification. Step out of the everyday and into a whole different level, with this value-packed program of education and support for true Consulting professionals.

Suitable for Consultants continuing their education with PBCA, or for established Consultants who wish to increase their influence, expand their services and increase their worth and profitability. Includes 12 months of phone and email Action Plan support from our experienced Trainers.



Consolidate your business success with strategies to create long-term future wealth. Learn how to create multiple income streams and passive income products, and learn how to read and respond to your clients with the Proven Business Personality Profile. Dive deep into future wealth creation strategies and plan for your future years of business – and beyond!

Suitable for Consultants completing their education with PBCA, or established Consultants who want to put long-term wealth-management practices in place, in their business and life. Includes 12 months of phone and email Action Plan support from our experienced Trainers.



Identify your strengths and expertise, and discover how you can best position yourself as a consultant.


Develop yourself and your business with complimentary tools that add depth and value to your offering.


The proven tools and techniques used by successful consultants in today’s marketplace, and get up to speed fast.


Real-time implementation with support to get your business off the ground with your own clients.


We work with you to walk you through all the aspects of starting – or growing – your consulting business. In an exclusive program delivered live in blocks of 10 days per course, we provide you with a no-nonsense roadmap to success, whatever stage your consulting practice is in, and give you all the tools you need to turn your business know-how into profitable, marketable consulting expertise.

You are already the expert in your chosen field of business; this program is designed to help you draw out that expertise and add the practical skills to make sure you are at the top of your niche, and keep you there. We recognise your value and we will show you how to leverage it, so you can work in ways that work better, for you!

You will learn robust, additional skills to complement your existing specialty

Throughout each of the four courses available in the program, and for the the following 12 months after course completion, you have unlimited support from both Owen and Catherine.

They are fully at your disposal to oversee and contribute to your continuous business development, giving you full confidence as you implement your new found strategies in your own client’s businesses.

We recognise that your business expertise is your strength – and we show you how to draw on that strength with complimentary skills to build your business success.

The program is exclusive and run in small groups, so we can give you the individual attention you need as you start – or grow – your consultancy. We will walk with you every step of the way and arm you with the proven techniques and methods that work – from business start-up, lead generation and marketing, through to additional specialist qualifications in Process Improvement and Behavioural Profiling to round out the picture, and more.

To support your progress, we will take care of your branding, website, professional headshots, marketing and customer management systems.

You can concentrate on building your business and working with great clients, confident in the knowledge that our team of experts will get you up and running – and keep you there!


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If you qualify to enter the application process, you will receive an information package in the mail with all inclusions, costings and next steps in your application process.

Please note: Not all who apply will be accepted, this is a program tailored for those with specific experience and expertise. The application process is extensive to ensure the highest quality participants.


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